For over a century, Diamond Head Theatre has been a place of inspiration for our community. Through your support, these beautiful moments of joy can continue.

Nearly 500 theatergoers connected in a single moment, all beating with the same heart. That is the joy of Diamond Head Theatre. To hear love expressed in a soliloquy. To feel hope wrapped in a song. To be transported to faraway places. To be moved to tears. To share in someone else’s journey. To be reminded – we are all human.

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Our vision for your new theatre is in the final act.

Dating from before WWII, our theatre was built in 1933. Built by the Army as the Fort Ruger USO movie theater, it has served admirably. Yet, given its age, renovating it would cost more than rebuilding it. Over the last decade, we’ve worked to make our bold vision of a new theatre a reality.

The last $3.5 million

$16.8 million has been raised by generous supporters. Help us raise the last $3.5 million to create our new home.


We are Hawaii’s choice for great theatre.

Called “The Broadway of the Pacific,” Diamond Head Theatre presents six full-scale productions each year, most of which cannot be staged anywhere else in Hawaii. Over 1 million people have flocked to see our live performances, finding comfort and wonder in stories that bring us together.


A New Auditorium & Stage

Our first-ever orchestra pit and fly loft. Grander sets. Plusher seating. Enhanced sound and lighting. Larger dressing rooms. More backstage space. More restrooms. Upgraded concession area. Expanded community programs and classes. And an open-air entrance near a garden to greet you. It all adds up to a modern theater – a treasured gathering place for our community.


As a patron, this is your stage – you are a part of the joy of Diamond Head Theatre. Your support elevates everything we do, and for that, you have our applause. Naming & Recognition opportunities are available as the project develops. Contact Deena Dray at for more information.

Help us reach our goal

$16.8 Million Raised

$3.5 Million To Go


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Rick Ching – Chair
Mike Ching
Rick Chong
Paul deVille
Susan Eichor
Elisia Flores
Randy Harris
Gabe Lee
Colin Miwa
David Okabe
Staff: Melissa Chaltron, Deena Dray, Selena Ching
Cumming Corporation
Studio Red Architects
Allied Builders System
Schuler Shook


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